Friday, November 7, 2008

And the results are in. . .

The Incredible Pumpkin Patch has faded once again until next year, but the great news is that the display raised over $500. again this year for Parkinson's research!
We doubled our efforts, advertising and length of the event, but just reached half of our hoped-for goal.  -Another reflection of the economy!  I'm so glad we did double our efforts so that the results at least matched the previous year!  We unknowingly countered what would have surely been a big drop.  So many people showed up to see the display, take photos and enjoy the spectacle.  And it's nice they felt compelled to give.  They were getting something for their donation!
A note for anyone who might consider collecting donations for the cause:  It is SOOOO easy to put out a collection jar.

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