Sunday, January 4, 2009

Themed Sermon!

Sunday January 4, 2009
It was a soggy Sunday morning, but the smiles were bright at Christ Community Church in Huntersville, North Carolina. Our DeLorean time machine was invited to kick off a 5 week program of bible study for Driven their youth services. “A Look Back at what the Scripture teaches about the Future.” Chris Dortch, the Youth Minister was ready to inspire and we were happy to help. Even with the drizzle the car was well received. The Youth members of the church as well as the adults of the church gathered around to have their photos taken. We even raised some additional funds for Team Fox with donations in 'Mr. Compassion.'
The service was relaxed and fun. Rock music and improv started it off. Each leader taking a moment to reflect on the lessons to come and Chris driving home the message to look for the signs found in the Bible.
He ended with a kind blessing for us and our Mission we said good bye to a fine group of people.
I’m still amazed that a movie from 1985 remains so relevant 24 years later.

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David Schwend said...

That's Nothin'! The book they're teaching from has remained relvant for over 2000 years. Thanks for making your time machine available to groups like this one who are endevoring to change peoples lives. Thank you also for your dedication to sharing your passion with us and working to end Parkinson's grip on people's lives. I'll be watching the "Lone Pine Mall" for your future arrival in Southern California.