Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Grand Total!

Terry and I enjoy a long drive home from wherever we've been, because it gives us a chance to unwind in a private, relaxed atmosphere (a DeLorean Time Machine cockpit!), undisturbed, with nothing to do but enjoy the scenery rolling by and reflect on the recent events.
Part of this ritual involves asking each other, 'What was your favorite part of the trip?' (And then sometimes we break it down into smaller categories, such as 'favorite part of the convention?', or 'favorite encounter or restaurant?', etc.) -I think now we'll have to add a new category called 'what was the freakiest looking costume you saw?' :)
We both agreed that the people we met was the best part. Literally hundreds of Back to the Future fans, both young and -not so young!, Michael J. Fox fans, folks with Parkinson's (some of whom admitted it was 'not public knowledge', and those whose lives are affected by Parkinson's in some way or another. There were so many generous people, and yet we were being thanked over and over again. It seemed backwards.
(By the way, the freakiest looking costume was a tie between 'Borat in swimsuit', or 'Blue guy wearing little more than glitter!')
As we mentioned in a previous post, for every few people that were only focused on 'taking', there was a person who wanted to contribute, stopping to learn more about TeamFox, and make a donation. I came up with a phrase, "Your contribution today may cure your future self." It's a little spooky, but hopeful at the same time. A generous contribution can be self-serving!
So, speaking of generousity, we added up the donations for the convention and,
drum roll please. . .
A total of $1477.18 was raised for Team Fox!
Terry's preparing a cashiers check for an even $1500. and we'll mail it off tomorrow!
Check out the short video

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