Sunday, April 5, 2009

Auto Show Day 5

As expected, the final day was a slower wind-down period, and we took time to just enjoy some of the other cars and look around before it all disappeared. We began straightening up the literature and other debris that collected under the hood and behind the curtains, and we took advantage of the fact that for once, we had a second car that we could fill up with some of the equipment. Terry having her car here made packing up a breeze. In a DeLorean Time Machine, you must usually pack in an extremely strategic and efficient manner! I snapped a few shots of our display and even took advantage of our proximity to the ‘Splinter’ to stage several nice photos with our stainless steel car next to the wooden one. I wanted to get the DeLorean on the actual race track before we left, and Terry generously asked Brad if he’d like to have her passenger seat for a lap. As a true shutterbug, he replied that he would much rather be photographing the car on the track, -which is what we ended up doing!

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