Monday, October 26, 2009

Boston Adventures

We arrive in Boston and leap into action, serving a company with our DeLorean as part of their convention center booth display. It is a pure coincidence that Halloween is just around the corner, and the event is a Funeral Directors annual trade show! Not only will a portion of the proceeds from our appearance go to Team Fox as part of our ongoing mission, but several attendees made contributions of their own. After the hard work was done, we explored Boston, visiting the Museum of Fine Art, and historic Faneuil Hall, also known as the 'cradle of liberty.'
Tuesday night we attended the American Repertory Theatre's 'Sleep No More', an extremely entertaining, challenging and mysterious 'immersion theatre' experience. Centered around Shakespere's Macbeth, blended with Hitchcock, patrons wear masks and explore highly detailed and eerie movie-style environs while performers move throughout the four story building unveiling their silent, dream-like tale. It was creative, unique, unusual, thrilling and unsettling. A rare, unexpected pleasure on this journey.

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