Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Back to the Future -in Russian! Назад к будущему

A few weeks ago, a young man in Russia found us on the internet and sent an email saying he and a friend would be driving through the east and wanted to stop in South Carolina to see the time machine. As with most things in life, 'timing is everything' and we were able to grant their request. Denis Efremov and Daria are from Moscow and are Back to the Future fans. (Note his 'life preserver' vest!) They described many of the differences between Russia and the U.S., including the excitement of seeing fire escapes for the first time (other than from American films), the weather and driving in traffic over here.
We had a most enjoyable visit and shared some knowledge about the movie and DeLoreans. They both are students and speak fluent English. (The Russian alphabet boggles my mind, much less the application of it. . .)
Before departing, Denis asked to make a donation to our TeamFox effort, and was quite generous to say the least. (THANK YOU, DENIS!)
It was an 'exotic' international connection and quite unusual in that we didn't have to time travel very far for this encounter!