Friday, August 6, 2010

August 18

Wednesday Joe and Judy drop us at the garage and we ready for the drive to the convention center. We make it there safe and sound. Locate our hotel and load the car in. Easy load in, once we find the right door. (Guard One: 'Go to guard Two.' Guard Two: 'Go back to Guard One.') !
We have a 20 x 20 booth so we set the tables, get some pipe and drape and hang our banners. Polish the car and depart for a date with Billy Elliot. What a fantastic show! The subject matter is dark; coal miners strike, fighting in the streets, Margaret Thatcher puppet show and a 13-year-old boy named Billy that can dance! Awesome scenery, amazing use of stage and very talented performers. Oh yes and music by Elton John! After the show my gal Mary drives us back to the hotel, with a stop and steak and shake for a sandwich and some visit time. Had a wonderful time, Thanks Mary☺

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