Thursday, September 30, 2010


September 30 Thursday

We set out for the Redwood Forest by way of the Oregon coast road 101. It’s very cloudy and at times it seems that we are driving through the clouds. High mountain cliffs and jagged rocks down below. The drive is long but we are rewarded with majestic vistas. We make our way to the Redwood State Park of California; awesome huge trees. A fellow in a black, Shelby Cobra flags us down. His name is Joe and he wants to take pictures of our car. We let him know that we are on our way to ‘Tour Through Tree’ and he decides to join us. We take photos of each other’s cars as they pass through the narrow opening.
Joe is a truck driver for concerts and knows our friend Opie; small world. We say our goodbyes. It’s been a long day so we find a hotel near Fortuna; it’s the best Super 8 of all time! Clean, inexpensive and a security system that shows the entire property. The clerk demonstrates with a yellow Camero Match Box car where to park by the room. Funny, yet surprisingly helpful. We are too late to see Michael J. Fox on CNN so we go to sleep.

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