Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bombardier Hangar Event

After the session, we took some crew photos with the car and drove the car back through the doors, into the freight elevator and headed for Love field for the second part of the event. The security was pretty tight, with escorts needed to accompany you about the property. Several folks outside the perimeter asked if they could take photographs, which for once, became an issue due to security.
A guard approached, asking cameras be put away. The observers objected, saying I gave them permission! I had to explain to them that I don’t mind photos being taken of the car, but I don't make the rules for the airfield area and that they should listen to the security man. (Trying to keep cameras from clicking on the time machine is like throwing candy into a classroom and asking the kids not to grab some. The guard certainly had his work cut out for him, and I apologized for the trouble.

The hangar had a few jets to be removed before we could drive in, so we drove over to another, to get into some shade. The mechanics ‘hovered’ around and took 'authorized' pictures, but as we explained our mission and told them about TeamFox, they started giving donations, which was really cool.
The gathering went smoothly. Stanchions were set out to keep the car safe. Many guests had 'authorized' photos taken with the car, and they spoke to us about about Parkinsons. Although the evening was a free party for guests, and we didn't solicit donations on this particular occasion, several insisted on making a contribution to our cause after sharing their own stories about PD.
Oh yes, and there were fancy cookies shaped like airplanes!

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