Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Wednesday, April 22, 2009
Leaving Texas, we passed several troupers on the roadside, and the final one pulled out in a big cloud of dirt and flipped his lights on after we passed. Here we go. Terry had the registration out before we had come to a stop. License and insurance was in hand and out steps the ranger in a big cowboy hat. I imagined the sound of spurs as he approached.
‘Is there a medical reason for your speeding today?’ he asked. For a second, I thought about making up something like ‘Temporal displacement syndrome’, but just said, ‘No sir’, handing over the usual documentation. He said, ‘Back to the Future?’ and I said, ‘Yes!’ Long story short, we all parted ways happy, us having collected a genuine Texas ranger warning slip for our scrapbook, and he having captured a time machine (and lots of dash cam video footage to prove it.)

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Michael said...

Sounds like he just wanted to be able to say he pulled over a time machine.